• CADP Foundation

    Coloradans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty is dedicated to making our justice system more fair, affordable, accurate and effective.

    CADP Foundation
  • Alternatives

    CADP knows that there are better alternatives that can replace capital punishment in Colorado.

  • Innocence

    There have been 156 people who were tried, convicted and sentenced to death who have since been proven innocent in the United States. A wrongful death sentence has happened before in Colorado and it can happen again.

  • Fair and Equal

    Our criminal justice system should treat all people equally, regardless of where they live, how much money they make, or the color of their skin.

    Fair and Equal
  • It’s Time!

    It’s time for Colorado to repeal the death penalty – – no more innocent lives at risk, no more botched executions, no more waste of precious human & financial resources!

    It’s Time!

Colorado’s death penalty is a failed public policy that is beyond repair. The death penalty risks the lives of the innocent, exacts a huge toll on the families of murder victims, traumatizes the guards and wardens forced to perform executions in our names, is unfairly applied, and costs millions in taxpayer dollars. A coalition of Colorado citizens made up of civic leaders, clergy, law enforcement and victims’ families are working together to advocate for repeal of the death penalty. Coloradans know that the time to end Colorado’s death penalty.



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