Bishop Tom Brown is wrong on death penalty

I was appalled that Bishop Tom Brown is for the death penalty. I thought as a Christian he would be pro-life.

In our Catholic Church, we believe that all life is sacred and we are created in God’s image. This is what we refer to as “consistent ethic of life.”

Bishop Brown, I hope you realize that the majority of the people who have received the death penalty or are on death row are the poor, minorities or the mentally ill.

Maybe your "prosperity Gospel” or your “abundant living belief” has blinded you to the sacredness of all life. You cannot serve both God or those created in God’s image and money. Viva el Papa.

Father Pablo Espinosa Matta

St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church

ShareFest is a chance to help less fortunate

ShareFest is El Paso families sharing things they no longer use with families who need them.

Please join us as we clear our closet clutter and take our donations to the nearest 7-Eleven by Oct. 20.

There they will be collected, taken to the El Paso County Coliseum and given free to thousands of our less-fortunate families from 9 a.m. to noon on Oct. 24.

Last year over 4,000 grateful people attended. Thank you for sharing.

Barney Field

West Side

UTEP Homecoming Court students were impressive

My wife and I attended the UTEP Homecoming game Oct. 3 and were fortunate to watch the game inside the Larry Durham Sports Center above the east end zone.

The storm broke out and a lot of people came into the facility. We were sitting at a large table in the back by ourselves when a group of UTEP students who were to be honored at halftime for being in the Homecoming Court came over and asked if they could sit with us.

These UTEP students were some of the most impressive college kids I have ever been around. They were polite and friendly as well as very engaging.

My wife and I enjoyed talking with them for quite a long time. They had goals and aspirations along with a true direction in life.

They were very disappointed that the weather had eliminated their opportunity to be honored as the Homecoming Court.

While I understand having such recognition at a future football game might be difficult for UTEP to pull off, it would be very nice for UTEP to give them the opportunity at halftime of a basketball game to be introduced.

Achieving the position they did deserves accolades to replace the missed opportunity.

Jim Kruger

West Side

Rate, tax increases add up for seniors

Regarding the large rate increase by El Paso Electric Co., many of us elderly are sick to death of hearing analogies such as “it’s only a theater ticket” or “it’s for the children.”

The impact it’s much worse for many seniors on a fixed income. Those days of it being just a “theater ticket” have long past with previous increases.

We are not getting bonuses or pay raises yearly. All these increases add up.

We will all have to look for something to give up. For me it was Dish network, and in the past it was the newspaper. I am down to basics now, like so many others.

You’re biting us in the wallet, which is bad enough, but with your analogies you are returning to kick us in the teeth.

M.H. Hansch

Northeast El Paso

Gonzalez-Romero relationship is too cozy for comfort

This relationship between City Manager Tommy Gonzalez and city Rep. Larry Romero smells as bad as the sewer units on Delta Street. It is way too cozy.

And now it isn't enough to get a $300,000 salary as city manager, but now he wants consultation perks! Hmmm.

Ray Duran

East Side

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