Will I be hanged now?

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* All names of persons and places have been changed to maintain confidentiality.   The interviewee, a fragile looking man in his sixties, while discussing the details of the pre-trial stage of his case, suddenly begins to shake violently. He … Continued

Legitimate aim, unconstitutional means

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The 117th Constitution Amendment Bill has failed to define low representation of SCs/STs which is necessary to make reservation in promotions possible There is certainly a strong argument to be made in favour of reservation for the Scheduled Castes and … Continued

On the verge of unconscionable hangings

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After correctly acknowledging the possibility of reformation as a ground to commute the death sentence, the Supreme Court must now consider the case of 22 individuals awaiting execution in the same vein Three judges of the Supreme Court, including the … Continued

Death is entirely discriminatory

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A life term for Kodnani and the hangman’s noose for Kasab show the arbitrariness in the judicial administration of capital punishment Judge Jyotsna Yagnik’s invocation of human dignity while not awarding the death penalty in the Naroda-Patiya massacre case and … Continued

Redeeming the Supreme Court

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The Supreme Court has taken the position that it cannot be expected to abandon its role of being the guardian of the fundamental rights of all persons within the territory of India In a span of about 45 days, the … Continued