Casey Anthony's Mom: I Googled 'Chloroform'

Cindy Anthony

First Posted: 6/23/11 08:12 PM ET Updated: 8/23/11 06:12 AM ET

Casey Anthony's mother, Cindy, made a shocking revelation in court today when she said that she, not Casey, had conducted Internet searches for "chloroform" in March 2008.

The bombshell testimony came during day 25 of the trial. Casey Anthony is accused of multiple charges, including capital murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter of a child and misleading law enforcement for the death of her daughter, two-year-old Caylee.

The prosecution is seeking the death penalty.

Called to the stand on behalf of the defense, Cindy Anthony explained she conducted the computer searches in an attempt to figure out why her Yorkshire terrier was "extremely tired all the time." The dog was known to eat bamboo plants, so Cindy Anthony said she started out searching for chlorophyll, a green pigment that is found in most plants.

The search for chlorophyll led to a search for “chloroform” because some species of algae produce a natural form of chloroform, Anthony said.

Anthony also told defense attorney Jose Baez that she conducted searches for "chest injuries" and "head injuries" around that same time because a friend of hers had been in a car accident.

"[I was] looking up specific terminology that someone had asked me to look up," Anthony testified.

The computer searches were first brought up by prosecutors during day 13 of Casey Anthony's first-degree murder trial. John Bradley, owner of a Canadian software company that developed a computer search program used by police, testified he was asked to review evidence allegedly found on the Anthony family's computer.

Bradley said he confirmed someone had used Google to conduct a search for the keyword "chloroform" on March 17, 2008. Bradley testified that other searches conducted included "chloroform," "hand to hand combat," "inhalation," "chest trauma" and "ruptured spleen."

On March 21, 2008, someone used the computer to search for "how to make chloraform." The misspelling prompted Google to respond, "Did you mean how to make chloroform?" a result someone allegedly clicked on, according to Bradley.

Bradley said he also found searches on the computer for "making weapons of household products" and "neck breaking."


During Cindy Anthony's cross-examination, prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick questioned Anthony at great length about the searches -- something Anthony had failed to mention during previous depositions.

Burdick pointed out that Cindy Anthony's work schedule showed she was working the days that the searches were conducted, to which Anthony explained she "went home early a couple of days."

"The only thing that triggers that day for is those computer entries," Anthony said. "It was not a traumatic day for me like the last three years, so I can't tell you what time I went home."

Anthony said she did not perform searches for "household weapons," "neck breaking" or "how to make chloroform."

"I didn't look up 'how to make chloroform.' I looked up 'chloroform,'" she said.

Cindy Anthony's testimony was important for the defense, which contests the prosecutor's theory that Casey Anthony used chloroform to render Caylee unconscious and then put duct tape over her nose and mouth, suffocating her. The defense insists Caylee died on June 16, 2008, when she drowned in her family's swimming pool.

Testimony in the case is set to resume tomorrow at 9 a.m.

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The bombshell trial of Casey Anthony has captivated the nation's attention. The Florida mother, pictured in this photo from her Photobucket.com account, is accused of murder for allegedly killing her two-year-old daughter, Caylee.
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Casey Anthony's mother, Cindy, made a shocking revelation in court today when she said that she, not Casey, had conducted Internet searches for "chloroform" in March 2008. The bombshell testimony c...
Casey Anthony's mother, Cindy, made a shocking revelation in court today when she said that she, not Casey, had conducted Internet searches for "chloroform" in March 2008. The bombshell testimony c...
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03:33 PM on 07/08/2011
//" who was in care of the child at the time of the offence?"/­/

sorry, i DID reply, but, it was not a Anthony-ba­shing comment, so, you won't be able to read my reply.
02:44 PM on 07/08/2011
To "simple citizen" (no idea why HIS comment seems to be included into article body above) who says:
//"This automatica­lly makes anything else she says suspect. "//
NO it does NOT "automatic­ally" = that, not at all!! Cindy, a VICTIM, did testify against her daughter, and alllllllll­lll her testimony was VERY credible, but,
she did say SHE searched for chloroform­, (not all the other things, just chloroform­) in an attempt to remove the "premedita­tion" factor of the verdict (death penalty).

Cindy NEVER said what day she searched, so, techinical­ly, it is not perjury.

This woman is in the throes of horrific grief, and i'd be last one to throw a stone at HER. As a mom, i'd fall on the sword for my daughter, too. cindy DID testify AGAINST her own daughter, but, Cindy apparently only wanted the death penatly removed off of potential punishment­s.

this makes sense to me.
12:11 AM on 07/13/2011
She lied under oath and should be in jail herself.
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04:43 PM on 07/23/2011
she did say what day she searched and was proven she lied. everyone including the people sticking up for Casey admit Cindy committed perjury. you sound like Jose.
03:44 PM on 07/07/2011
I have to wonder though.... for someone who was so bad at lying... "Zanny the Nanny", "working at Universal Studios".. and the countless other lies that were so easily debunked..­. I have to wonder if someone so STUPID could be able to murder her child, and be able to cover it up.. I think everyone is giving her way too much credit.... Dont get me wrong, I think she knows, I think she was neglegant, but someone who got nailed with everything else (lies, check stealing, etc...) Could she POSSIBLY be able to pull off the perfect crime??
02:21 PM on 07/07/2011
She may have gotten tired of missing out on partying so she killed her own daughter or not. But the jury thought all the inconsiste­ncies and the lies meant nothing, that's a bit odd. The legal system has worked in her favour.
bookworm to the max
01:31 PM on 07/07/2011
Those are some interestin­g Google searches..­. these jurors are real geniuses if they couldn't connect the dots
11:07 AM on 07/07/2011
this isn't a 'JackAss' movie people....­........so why are there twelve of them in the jury box
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04:50 PM on 07/23/2011
you're the Reporter, find out for us.
11:02 AM on 07/07/2011
just like that one woman's poster that said "some village is missing 12 IDIOTS" well, i totally believe that, and that we should get less simpatheti­c jurors for those that have less simpatheti­c cases. like this one.
10:56 AM on 07/07/2011
the facts are all there, so how much more time do they need??? it makes no sense to be doing this any longer then nesseccary
02:24 AM on 07/07/2011
The jurors all thought she was guilty but because the prosecutio­n didn't make a good enough case they had no choice but to find her not guilty, can u imagine how those 12 jurors all feel rite now letting a baby killer walk free, maybe they need to find new prosecutor­s.
02:51 PM on 07/08/2011
No, Terry Barto, there was tons of evidence. The real victor here is the jury consultant­s hired by Baez, to find 12 ppl who could not understand mitochondr­ial DNA, hair banding, etc etc.

the prosecutio­n can not "create" evidence, duh. But it is sad the jury consultant­s COULD spot the 12 ppl who would be most easily confused and led about.
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04:52 PM on 07/23/2011
it wasn't the prosecutio­n, it was the jury not listening.
02:19 AM on 07/07/2011
One lie after another does that really sound like an innocent person, she may have gotten away scott free with caylee"s death but justice has a way of prevailing in the long run.
02:23 PM on 07/07/2011
IF she really killed her own Daughter, she'll never have peace
02:52 PM on 07/08/2011
Askido, that would be true, IF she was not a sociopath.­....
01:17 AM on 07/07/2011
She probably did a search on the internet about how to get rid of your kid if thier a distractio­n and you need more time to party.
09:27 PM on 07/06/2011
One thing I'm sure of: she's guilty of duckface.
08:45 PM on 07/05/2011
They should lock the whole family up.
02:26 PM on 07/07/2011
I tremble to think a Gamy and Gappy would defend a daugter that kills her child in favour of more party time. But this is America, worst things have happened here.
01:29 PM on 07/05/2011
Jury is back, verdict to be announced at 2pm EST!!
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04:54 PM on 07/23/2011
i predict not guilty.
11:14 PM on 07/03/2011
no who was in care of the child at the time of the offence?