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Reputation Management, Internet Privacy, and Social Media Quick Hits

In today’s Quick Hits, we look into what online marketing experts are saying Facebook Places, why Cameron Diaz is the most dangerous celebrity online, who is being targeted in the latest Facebook scam, and what a new study reveals about students who actively use the social network.

Social media experts are predicting Facebook Places to revolutionize online marketing and advertising worlds. Since campaigns can now be targeted based on location, Facebook’s advertising revenue is expected to increase significantly. Queen’s University professor John Pliniussen calls the new app “a marketer’s dream.”

The results are in, and the Internet’s most dangerous celebrity is… Cameron Diaz. This according to McAfee, who just released their yearly list of the riskiest celebrities to search for on the web. According to the security company, searching for Diaz’s name puts you at a 10% risk of landing on a malware site. Julia Roberts came in second place, followed by last year’s “winner”, Jessica Biel.

The latest scam to hit Facebook targets a very specific audience: Justin Bieber fans. After clicking a link that promises free Bieber tickets, users are tricked into signing up for weekly premium-rate phone bills and then forwarding the scam to their friends. Sophos consultant Graham Cluley cautions, “Facebook users need to start thinking more carefully about messages like this that are shared by their friends, especially when asked to install an app that can access their Facebook profile.”

A new study reveals that students who are active on Facebook are more likely to stay in school. Abilene Christian University researchers followed 375 freshmen and found that those who returned for sophomore year had a higher number of friends and wall posts than did those who left. Helps Out During the Holidays

While most of us spend our time enjoying food and drinks with friends and family during the holidays, others around the country are forced to go without. To help make a small difference for families who are feeling the pinch this holiday season, participated in a Thanksgiving food drive for the Second Harvest Food Bank of San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties.

We’d like to say a special thanks to team member Veena for spearheading the food drive. Check out the picture below to see Veena dropping off some of’s contributions. Charity Thanksgiving Food Drive

“I Googled You” Shirt Spotted in Hawaii

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, our friend and co-worker Gurkiran showed off her cool style in Hawaii. Check out her pictures at the beach and at the USS Arizona Pearl Harbor Memorial.

'I Googled You' Hawaii


'I Look This Good Online Too' Pearl Harbor

If you’d like one of your own t-shirts, call one of our customer support specialists today. Represents at National Association of REALTORS Conference National Association of REALTORS

This weekend I had the pleasure of being able to see our customers and potential customers face to face at the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) Conference in San Diego. There is no substitute for seeing the faces of potential customers and their real time reactions to our products.

Every time I talk about, people’s reactions amaze me. Seeing people reach that moment of discovery when they understand what we do and how much it is needed on the web is fabulous. Now, sometimes it takes a little while to reach that moment of discovery but when it happens, it gives me a warm, tingly feeling inside.

Over the course of the conference, we have had conversations with a wide range of people seeking to control and improve their online reputations. Some have been looking for information on how to improve their search engine results. Others have asked how they can incorporate social media into their marketing strategies. It’s been great to say how positive everyone is about the work we do each and everyday. We’ve even had people sign up for our services right on the spot.  Oh, and the shirts. Everyone loves the shirts. We’re proud to report that many NAR members are now sporting some sweet threads.

What was really great about being at the NAR Conference, though, was helping so many REALTORS improve their digital lives. In many ways, is the perfect product for REALTORS. Many REALTORS that I spoke to told me about their marketing budget and what they were getting from their team. I spoke to one individual who told me that his marketing budget was $7,000 for the year and his marketing team was making sure that he was represented on the web the way he’d like to appear.

I was flabbergasted. His team wasn’t building web properties for him, wasn’t giving his google results a competitive edge, and wasn’t writing professional bios for him; all things we do for our MyEdge customers. I couldn’t figure out exactly what his team was doing. When I told him all the things we offer at a considerably lower price, he refused to believe me. He ended up signing up on the spot 10 minutes later. It was an eye-opening conversation for him, and one that we’re happy to have with new customers on a daily basis.

As the NAR Conference comes to a close today, we hope that all of our new friends will take something valuable away from their interactions with us. Whether it’s one of our products, or just information about how they can improve their personal and professional reputations online, all of us here at ReptuationDefender were happy to have met you over the weekend, and we hope to hear from you all again soon.

“I Googled You” Shirt Spotted at the Grand Canyon

We have another “I Googled You” t-shirt sighting!’s Senior Manager of Business Development, Noah Lang, sported the shirt on a recent trip to the majestic Grand Canyon. Check out the picture below.

I Googled You - Noah Lang -

If you’d like one of your own “I Googled You” t-shirts, call one of our customer support specialists today.


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