I googled and researched the Reishi Mushrooms

Written by Angela Kirby   
I decided after much thought and with time off in early January this year that I would take myself up to Living Valley Springs for the fantastic health retreat that they offer. A wide variety of people came along, some who just wanted a top up their health, a few wanting to loose weight, those who were very sick and others time out. Many services were a part of the package and ten days later I walked out feeling on top of the world in all areas. And my year has opened itself up to many bountiful blessings as a result, it has been a very big year.

They had a shop where the naturopathic products were kept out the back and in the sales area other items for us clients of which I went to view on a few occasions. And to ask questions and learn more about what they offered aside of what the naturopaths spoke about, of whom each of us are assigned a naturopath to monitor our progress as a part of the program. Each night we had various talks on our health & Gary Martin the Co-Founder of Living Valley Springs spoke about the Ganozhi Mushroom toothpaste, that it had a variety of "Amazing" healing qualities, the best on the market. With that in mind I thought "I am onto it right away", even though I wasnt all that fond of mushrooms I was willing to give it a go!! It refreshes my mouth and certainly is palatable and no bad taste whatsoever.
I googled and researched the Reishi Mushrooms and I had also been to see David Wolfe when he came into the country who had also spoken about them so I felt I must be on the right track as there was no side effects, no problems, no chemicals as they are after all mushrooms (grown organically, they are medicinal), and of course many of the medicinal mushrooms are growing wild in various places all over the world. I came across www.wonderherb.com.au and I havent looked back as they also tout many amazing products made from the Ganoderma of which I embrace with great gusto and enthusiasm.

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