"I Googled Friendship on the Interwebs": Top 10 Revenge Quotes From Episode 11

Revenge is a dish best served cold, so bust out a spork and feast on these morning-after doozies!

We’ve rounded up the top 10 quotes from last night’s chilling mid-season premier, which we suggest you enjoy with a cold glass of sparkling wine and a dead crab.

10. Daniel greets his gal pal: “Hey babe. I know how you like your morning coffee.”
Emily: “You know how I like everything.”

Well, other than a good takedown.

9. Nolan worries about Tyler quitting his meds: “Cold turkey means hot mess.”

Especially on Thanksgiving.

8. Tyler confronts Conrad: “It does appear that you despicable people are starting to rub off on me.”

Us too. Twinsies!

7. Declan: “I took your advice.”
Jack: “I knew you had a brain in there somewhere.”

That makes one of us.

6. Emily makes a suggestion for Daniel’s birthday: “Why don’t we do something low-key. Maybe a clam bake on the beach?”

This girl seriously cannot resist killing sea animals.

5. Emily proves just how much of a sociopath she is: “I Googled friendship on the interwebs. Apparently when you have a fight with a friend, you're supposed to apologize.”

But what would Facebook say?

4. Nolan: “Blackmail. Isn’t just for breakfast anymore.”

Personally, we like our blackmail for dessert right after a main course of murder.

3. Nolan becomes melancholy: “Unlike people, technology never lets me down.”

Move over diamonds, iPads are a girl’s best friend.

2. Conrad: “What about the de Kooning I bought you for your birthday? The one you said you couldn’t live without.”
Victoria: “Like so many things, it hasn’t aged well.”

Clearly, she’s referring to Sammy Dog.

1. Victoria checks out Amanda: “All I see is a pretty girl with cheap shoes and limited social graces.”
Conrad: “Sounds like someone I once knew.”

Victoria in cheap shoes? The horror!

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